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Welcome to Patterson Lakes Canoe Club

Our club consists of active members of all ages who paddle in most types of craft, waters and competitions.
The club has members and coaches keen to assist anyone interested in kayaking.
Regular training and safety skills coaching is available from qualified personnel.

2016 was the club's 50th anniversary (1966 - 2016)!!

Come and Try

The club supplies boats and safety equipment for prospective paddlers.
There are FOUR sessions for $80.($40 juniors over 12.). If you subsequently join the club after the 'come and try', this fee will be deducted from the joining fee.
This allows you to try out various disciplines (touring, white-water, marathon, sprint etc.)
and thereby work out what kind of boat and discipline suits you. (Please note there will be a short break over winter and resume from 1st November 2016).

Come and try forms are available here. The membership fees for 2016-2017 are here.

Time Trials

Regular Time Trials are held, at least each fortnight, in a variety of locations to allow paddlers to test themselves against their own clock times, the elements and each other in a friendly and spirited environment. See Fitness Paddlers Australia for details